Regarding the late update(s)

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Regarding the late update(s)

Postby EmergencyExit on Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:22 pm

Just so ya all know, the update on Friday isn't delayed because I am sick again or anything. The sickness last week ate up my buffer and this week I put some school projects on priority plus Friday's page has been taking me extra time to make (and you know, sometimes between all this I just get tired). It'll be up late on Friday, it will not be skipped. Hopefully Monday's will be on time but I am going to the Dalles (about three hour drive away) this weekend to see my sister, but at worst it'd just be late too. After midterms next week everything should start running smoothly again, especially since I only really have one midterm, and it's on a subject I am semi good at.

Things are so different with this whole large comic format now, man it's a damn good thing UF is on hold...
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