My thoughts on Project Wonderful

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My thoughts on Project Wonderful

Postby EmergencyExit on Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:47 pm

Since it was brought up on the site, and since I'm still a bit sick and up at 12 am for no good reason I'm going to talk about it here.

Project Wonderful is the consumer of all ads for webcomics, hardly any sites now offer ads not done through their service. It's little wonder why, for the websites themselves, it's pretty sweet. They don't have to hardly put in any personal effort into it, and they can rank in a pretty good amount of money by selling what will appear to be fairly inexpensive ads. In my experience though it's not so favourable for the buyer. And at 12 AM it takes me 5 times to spell experience correctly.

Now I hated the "auction" idea from the get go. So when Bean heard I was using it (Bean being a even more avid hater of the service) he was like "..Why?" But I had to. Almost everyone is using it, have to see what the big commotion is about. Besides some of the sites I wanted to support ad wise only did PW so was good opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. Why do we hate those birds so much? I did it twice, you have to deposit a minimum of $5 into the account for it to work. The first time I spent it all on Shortpacked. However, this was when CG was being a bitch, and so was down for most of it and thus I had inaccurate results. So I had to try again, second time mostly Shortpacked again. It's decent I suppose, For like 2 days and $4 PW claimed I had about 100 hits from the site, though CG claims it was only about 45. However I have done way better with independent ads. Starslip Crisis and the Noob for instance, I did well with around 1000 or more hits from there for $10 month each. Course now both have joined the darkside.

NOTE: When I went through to insert URLs I noticed SC isn't doing PW now but is back to using independent. Less options now but still, I approve of this decision.

Course I only really worked with Shortpacked and a couple of Keenspotcomics. and then since I can't withdraw under a certain amount I just kept using up the last couple of cents in the account on places. So maybe if I went for bigger ads I'd have been more successful, but bigger ads means more expensive ads, and still means I am spending allot to compete with other people who probably have more money for a short, undermined amount of time.

Which is mainly the part that bugs me. I like paying a direct amount, and knowing exactly when my ad will be up. With PW you never know how much or how long your ad will be. Again, I only did this with limited sites, so again I might just not have advertised in the right places so this is in no way a "don't use Project Wonderful" rant, different things work for different people, I just don't prefer this method.

Luckily enough, some of the reeeally big people haven't switched over yet, and Bean and I both have been making lists of places we can turn to. Some places do both which I think is great, I'd like to see more places using PW to offer alternative ads too, even if it's spending more some of us oldschoolers like just paying for something straight out.

Of course my best advertising comes elsewhere, nothing has beaten my guest strip on Zebra Girl, there was a big increase in readers after that.

So I decided I want to not waste anymore money on smalltime in PW, and headed right for the big leads. I figure if I was going to do it I'd do it all out. $50 for one ad? Hell yes I'll do it. Allot of the big places do charge around $7 a day. And allot of people stress good results from the right places. Cortland had a $50 ad on Dominic Deegan, and it shot him to the top charts for weeks. Course, DD is apparently insanely hard to get on according to Bean's attempt. Bean recommended Misfile to me once. There has been once or twice that fans have compared him to that artists' work, so I thought there might be some stuff in EE the fans might like, even if EE is a lesser quality of comic. So I'm going for it. That is where the ad I am raising the money for on EE is going to go. So any Misfile fans can see it as support to that comic too. I am close to the haflway point on donations. It's really annoying that like, 49 cents is taken off every donation now, but there were so many people complaining before about not being able to accept credit and debit card deposits just seemed like it'd be much easier on everyone in the end to have an account that accepts all. There's less rewards for this drive but I still will post a thank you list on my site, want to assure my readers support is always appreciated.

NOTE: Another thing, looking at the DD site the guy seems to be filling his ad space with a "advertise here" slot. So maybe he's open to submissions again. This is something for me to consider.

For a long time I was discouraged from buying a big ad just cause I lack the confidence in EE's art. However, I'm doing my best, and so many webcomics have gained popularity with moderate artwork I figured I wasn't that far off. I'll be sure to post stat results here. So in the end I don't plan to use PW again, the cheap bidding ads can be very appealing, but in the long haul not really worth it in my opinion. If I get to point where I can sell ad space I'm doing independently, if I do use PW it would be as a lesser second option for people who are addicted to it. For the sake of business I am willing to put aside my personal tastes at times.

I was in a very forum posty mood tonight. And looky only took me a hour to write that. Now I need to go to bed.
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Postby Roofpig on Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:14 am

I don't think PW is the best thing since sliced bread like a lot of the (excuse my use of this, but it works) circle-jerking webcomic "experts", but it has been pretty good to me. Usually when I do an ad campaign I pull in a decent amount of readers (meaning that I actually have people staying to read and not just clicking through and forgetting about it), and by displaying an ad box on my own site I'm seeing a trickle of money for my own advertising.

That having been said, traditional advertising is still a lot better. And getting creative is better still.

I have something up my sleeve for a very creative and never-before-seen advertising campaign that will take my ads off the internet and onto the streets. :::rubs hands together and grins maniacally:::
In due time, there will be something here. Other than this sentence that is.
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Project Wonderful

Postby Trotun on Mon Oct 22, 2007 3:28 pm


If anymore people recommend or otherwise in the Cbox I'll refer to this. :D

w00t i'm here! and now I must go again. ugh I hate myself for not being able to manage my time well. :evil:
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