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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 7:05 pm
by 834n
Aquamantor wrote:Wow... :lol: Maybe I'm being obsessive here, but Reevo sounds like the exact kind of guy that Harkariel would HATE.
Edit: Yes, yes I am being obsessive...I'll shut up now :lol:

I thought of that too.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:42 am
by Fesworks
@ Aquamantor: Thhbbit! :P

@ 834n: Thanks! I have a sketch of him now, but I'm going to ink and color it. His design will be what I have in mind for clothes, and polearm weapon. You of course can feel free to modernize those parts. I'll leave it up to you to fit it into your style instead of me trying to come up with something new... is that fine?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:49 am
by The Mortician
Forum Name: The Mortician
Character Name: Cain (no last name)
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
Physical Description: Eyes - Amber. Hair - light brown, dirty blond hair. Usual jovial smile when in public. When he is alone, he's known to find himself looking deeply into the horizon.
Image of Character: Chibi Cain (I have a better version, not scanned)
Personality Description: Mostly known for a sense of humor in pubic, sometimes these jokes come to be practical jokes that go a little overboard. He finds amusement in other people's laughter. This probably will wind him in trouble with his fellow or superior officers if he's not acting serious or paying attention to the situation. In terms of Merc, Cain has killed before.
Weapon: I am thinking someone in charge of laying EMP explosives.
Skill: Computer or explosives.
Other gear: grey shades, orange and black scarf

PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:45 pm
by 834n
That works

Though because EMP explosives would have a highly minimal use in the storyline these guys are part of, mind if he also carries a simple handgun incase? He wouldn't have to be skilled with it, but it'd be helpful.

Mercs so far:
Johann Günther - Sniper/ Tactician
Kip - Demolitions/ Backup Fighter
Harkariel - Melee Fighter
Reevo - Melee/ Medic
Cody Zentner - All Around Soldier
Cain - EMP Demolitions/ Computer Tech

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:05 pm
by Lei
I know I've snagged one slot, but if you want his counter-part, here she is: (If you're all set, disregard this - I'm just bored).

Character Name: Mieke Torescu (Mee-kuh, Tohr-ess-koo)
Height: 5'3"
Physical Description: Petite, athletic, and swarthy, with dark hair and eyes, and deeply tanned skin. Pouty lower lip, button nose, and long lashes. Her favorite color is red, and she tend to have a crimson bandana wrapped around her forehead.
Image: Any given page of Equinox.
Personality: Self-confident to a fault, cocky, and obnoxiously optimistic. Mieke is fairly sure that the world revolves around her, and therefor, nothing bad could possibly happen to her wonderful self. If it weren't for her street smarts, skill, and sheer dumb luck, she'd probably have gotten herself killed twenty times over.
Weapon: Lets give her a couple of Sai. And a Glock 9mm.
Skill: Infiltration/sneak. She's good at going undercover and fitting in small spaces.
Other Gear: nope. Weighs her down.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:54 am
by Dagazzard
Hi there ^^ I've been reading since the middle of the crossover, although I rarely comment...
I usually use the nick Osiris, but it was taken xD
Great comic, I'm really enjoying it so far ^^
Anyway, I wanted to register to try to submit a mercenary xD

I know it's just one per person... So... Could you please choose one you like? =)
It's because there are three mercenaries from a webcomic I've been planning for a long time, and I thought it would be a good idea to submit the three of them and let you choose the one you think it fits best...
Feel free to do whatever you want with them ^^
They weren't human originally, but I've adapted them:

Character Name: Hayate Sahs
Height: 1,75 meters... Hm... Normal height, not too tall and not too short.
Physical Description: Has japanese facial characteristcs, long hair, serious face. Usually tie his hair and use clothes that don't stand out too much.
Image of Character: (He's the one I got closer to create a proper character design, but... not close enough)
Personality Description: He's very calm and focused on his objectives. Can be a cold killer or a caring person depending on the situation.
Weapon(s): Prefers to use a katana, but when he can't bring it he uses throwing knives.
Skill(s): The thing he's best is fast, silent murder.
Other gear: Extra throwing knives and a gun, just in case.

Character Name: Jhon "Jhonny" Forcella
Height: 1,65 meters (Shorter then the average adult, more like the average teenager)
Physical Description: Spiky black hair, dresses himself like a teenager, have tatoos and piercings. Likes to use the color red and have green eyes.
Image of Character: (sorry, this one is the farthest to get a good character design...)
Personality Description: Considers himself the hero and his allies "the good guys" and his enemies "the bad guys" no matter what kind of mission he's in. Reckless and impulsive, he loves to say sentences of impact.
Weapon(s): What he really likes to use is an eletric trident. Basically, it's a machine that looks like a trident, but there is one hole in each of the more external blades, and when activated the blades start to spin incredibly fast and an eletric flow starts to flow throw the holes of the blades. Unfortunaly, this weapon is extremely hard to hide so normally he has to settle with explosives and his gun.
Skill(s): He's great at dealing with people, at improvising, creating great plans out of the blue and exploding things. He's also very agile and, usually, lucky. Also a fast learner of pretty much anything.
Other gear: A gun and as many explosives as he can hide.

Character Name: Israphil "Raph" Löffel
Height: About the heigth of an average ten-year-old.
Physical Description: He really looks like a kid of about ten years. Has big, curious eyes and a big smile. He's bald and wear a shirt with a big smiling face in it, and a backpack.
Image of Character: (almost got this one xD)
Personality Description: He's really quiet and silent, and anything can be a toy to him that will entertain him for hours. He isn't mute, but never speaks a word, just make sounds sometimes showing if he's liking something or not. He can and will do anything that a mission asks, it's all a big game to him, regardless of the kind of mission.
Weapon(s): He has a shield and a rod in his backpack.
The shield is very resistant, protecting him even from bullets. If he curls up in a ball the shield protect him completely.
The rod is retractable in both sides, so to fit inside the backpack. It is very resistant as well, and normally it is sticked to the shield by two holding places, but it can be realeased if necessary.
He normally uses them in one of these ways:
--o (like a spoon).
Normally switching in the middle of a battle and keeping himself behind the shield, except when using the rod ro beat someone with the shield.
Skill(s):He's great at infiltration, fitting in small places, disarming alarms and such.
Other gear:He doesn't bring much else, but when he finds something he usually likes to keep it, so he put it in his backpack.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 8:51 am
by The Mortician
834n wrote:Though because EMP explosives would have a highly minimal use in the storyline these guys are part of, mind if he also carries a simple handgun incase? He wouldn't have to be skilled with it, but it'd be helpful.
It was the only thing that came to mind at the time. If you just want to give him a standard rifle/gun or something, go ahead.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:08 pm
by 834n
Alright Mort, he'll get a pistol or maybe a light automatic weapon, as well as his EMP and whatnot. The weapon's just for situations where he has no time to be crafty with his gear.

Lei, I'll use Mieke Torescu for a small role if I can't get at least 10 mercenaries by the time I get to scripting their scene, but odds are It'll just be one character per person.

Dagazzard, I'm glad you like the comic and welcome to the forums :D
I think I'll go with Jhon Forcella. He seems pretty fitting to the role.

I fan emailed me a character of theirs, but it was so fantasy based I had to ask to modify it heavily. Here he is now.

Forum Name: None
Character Name: Frealt Ardh (Must be from some other country...)
Height (I need this for comparison): 6’2”
Physical Description: Broad shouldered, short evenly cut dark brown hair. Muscular arms and legs, as is used to running with heavy body armor on. Clothing wise, he tends to wear earth tones.
Image of Character (optional):
Personality Description: [Quiet, but only because he is continually thinking things through. Rarely shows emotion as he was trained to be emotionless in battle, but can show surprising compassion and fierceness. Always focused and patient, but because of this, can be slow in social situations. If he were to be described in one word, the best word for Frealt would be “stoic”.
Weapon(s): Heavy automatic and a broadsword for up close.
Skill(s)*: Nearly a tactical genius. He doesn’t do all that thinking for nothing. Almost every thought going through his head is thinking of the next move, where to go next or where to block or parry, etc. In addition to this, he is also a skilled tracker.
Other gear: Wears heavy body armor and chainmail gauntlets.
Other gear: Heavy ballistic-resistant body armor.

And a good friend of mine also wanted to submit an RPG character of his.

Forum Name: None
Character Name: Goes by nick name "Lice"
Height (I need this for comparison): 6'
Physical Description: Thin/Athletic. Blond hair, short and spiked, blue eyes. White short sleeved shirt, jeans, vest. Belts of bullets. Pretty boy.
Image of Character (optional):
Personality Description: Angst.
Weapon(s): Shotgun Revolver with several types of rounds (regular, salt, flare, slug)
Skill(s)*: Acrobatics.
Other gear: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Mercs so far:
Johann Günther - Sniper/ Tactician
Kip - Demolitions/ Backup Fighter
Harkariel - Melee Fighter
Reevo - Melee/ Medic
Cody Zentner - All Around Soldier
Cain - EMP Demolitions/ Computer Tech
Jhon Forcella - Demolitions/ Melee Fighter
Frealt Ardh - Heavy Support
Lice - Ranged Assault

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 1:35 pm
by Aquamantor
Alright, a friend of mine wants to submit a character. HOWEVER! He's busy. He doesn't have time to work on this big long sheet. So, he asked me to do it for him. He gave me a brief description that doesn't really say too I'll just have to fill in the blanks.

Name: Xera (couldn't find South African last names:P)
Height: brilliantly described as "Tall"...I'm guessing around 6'5 or 6'6
Physical description: Well, for one thing, he's black. I'm going to go out a limb here and say that he's bald. He's a big, south African mercenary guy. I guess that his appearance should show this.
Personality Description: An experienced mercenary from South Africa who found that he hated rap music and American black culture as soon as he came here. He's very professional, capable of keeping a cool-head in most situations, and almost always knows what he's doing. In conversations, he tends to be very blunt, but also very knowledgable and intelligent.
Weapons: He's pretty creative with his weapon of choice. It's a heavy tri-barrel machine gun with two machetes attached to either side, making the gun look almost like an elephant's trunk with tusks. He uses the two machetes to make the gun somewhat like a bayonet.
Skills: Beside his obvious experience as a mercenary, he's very good with machines. His mechanical skills have helped him a lot in the past.
Other Gear: Well...I guess he'd need tools. That's all I can really think of for now.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:28 pm
by 834n
I guess I don't have a problem accepting a character through someone else. If your friend gets the chance I'd like a little more of a physical description though.
I do like that this guy's not the token black guy in how he acts (though he IS the only black one so far...)

Mercs so far:
Johann Günther - Sniper/ Tactician
Kip - Demolitions/ Backup Fighter
Harkariel - Melee Fighter
Reevo - Melee/ Medic
Cody Zentner - All Around Soldier
Cain - EMP Demolitions/ Computer Tech
Jhon Forcella - Demolitions/ Melee Fighter
Frealt Ardh - Heavy Support
Lice - Ranged Assault
Xera - Assualt/ Mechanic

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:42 pm
by Sput
iii dunno if he fits, but HERE HAVE A POX!

Forum Name: sput~
Character Name: Colin "Pox" Brady
Height (I need this for comparison): 5'5"
Physical Description: Short, broad, and a ginger. Freckles dot his face and neck and everywhere else possible, with curled red hair that is usually kept tucked underneath a hat. His clothes are simple, a dark green coat with black pants and light, quiet shoes. He has plain clothes that are often interchanged or reversible. At times he dies/straightens his hair to avoid being immediately identified, but there's only so much coverup can do for freckles.
Image of Character (optional):
in old tiemz- Image
Personality Description: Best described as an obnoxious firecracker. Crude and with a faded Brooklyn accent, Pox does what Pox wants as long as he doesn't get caught.
Weapon(s): Katars and poisoned daggers/needles
Skill(s)*: Intrinsic knowledge of toxicology, poisons, etc. Stealthy like none fucking other.
Other gear: he has a tail and horns, but they're glamoured. He is bound, so even though he's half demon it means less than jack shit, and he's weaker than the average dude.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 8:09 pm
by Rock_dash
Forum Name: rock_dash
Character Name: 'Bullhorn' Torgny
Height (I need this for comparison): 6'7"
Physical Description: Tall and well-built, wears a tan split backed trenchcoat and cowboy hat pulled low over the eyes, well worn blue jeans, cowboy boots, blond hair pulled back in a ponytail
Image of Character (optional): ... rgny06.jpg ... rgny01.jpg ... rgny02.jpg

Personality Description: Quiet and reserved until the action starts, then loud and somewhat obnoxious
Weapon(s): Twin Colt Revolvers (Wax and Wane) one with a full moon on the handle and one with a crescent moon
Skill(s)*: Trick shooting, hand to hand brawling, camoflauge, first aid, nature survival
Other gear: gunfighter's belt, extra boxes of bullets in hidden coat pockets, whisky flask

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 8:34 pm
by Zwuh
Character Name: Oksana Egorov
Height (I need this for comparison): 5'11"
Physical Description: Well built, but not buff. Athletic I suppose. Moderately-sized chest, pale skin, dark brown hair just past shoulderv length with a short fringe, green-gray eyes. A somewhat pronounced jaw and sharp features. Quite attractive, but with a few facial scars. Wears army-style gear, with all the straps and belts and pouches that go along with that. Massive desert boots.
Image of Character (optional):
Personality Description: Cold and unfeeling most of the time, has developed a general apathy for the welfare of others. Not an unthinking killer though, prefers to do things for the money or other benefits. No inhibitions in pretty much any situation. Big drug user.
Weapon(s): Generally enjoys pistols and other small arms, but specialises in scrounging equipment on site.
Skill(s)*: High firearms proficiency, combat and stealth training, speaks several languages fluently.
Other gear: The usual knives, grenades and etc. Has a retractable spike on her right arm in case of emergency close combat.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 2:49 pm
by 834n
Good (hoho, half demon!)
Good (Cowboy! Perfect!)
And good (OMG A WOMAN!)

Alright that's going to be it for the mercenaries aside from one that a friend of mine should be submitting sometime soon (if he doesn't he will be met with the wrath of druids and witches). We've gone over the original 12 limit but that's okay.
And before anyone asks, I talked with Sput ahead of time about her half demon. Pox will be having a slightly different role that the rest (who are unaware when the story starts of the supernatural) but will end up being on the same side in the same scenario.

Thank you people. When I get some time (been busy busy busy lately) I'll start up some concept art.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 3:15 pm
by Youngcoghill
[quote="834n"]I guess I don't have a problem accepting a character through someone else. If your friend gets the chance I'd like a little more of a physical description though.
I do like that this guy's not the token black guy in how he acts (though he IS the only black one so far...)

right well as said friend i would like to thank you for your acceptance of my character and would also like to apoligse two ap classes thearter and track I one busy guy.

6'6 250 bls build more like a thiner line man usaly wearing the bullet belt across his body for

other gear: more less the standard mechanic gear; a rench srewdiver hammer and a self made mini welding tool

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 12:22 am
by Kirb
Name: Erica Richmond

Height: Average height. 5'5" or so.

Physical description: Slender, but not skinny.
Fair skin, somewhat groomed short blond hair. Never seen
without her large assortment of gadgets and duffelbag.
A simple but stylish dresser. Usually dresses in orange,
white and khaki.


Personality Description: finicky, but
generally a cool attitude. A perfectionist when
it comes to her work. A geek who gets offended
easily when criticized.

Weapons: Only carries a Beretta M9. She fears combat,
preferring to watch the action from the safety of her cameras;
but she is a good shot with the pistol.

Skills: Often generalized as a 'Gadgeteer,' Erica
specializes in engineering gadgets usually used in Retcon
work. Cameras, mics, the works.

Other Gear: Her dufflebag is filled with electronics,
parts and tools. GPS locators, lenses, wires, crimpers. She
also has an ipod that she's fond of.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 12:47 am
by 834n
There he is. That wraps it up unless one other guy I gave the okay to posts. Him using cameos to fill a group in his comic inspired me to do that for the Templar, which inspired this in turn.
But after that that's it. I mean it this time.

Really D:

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:32 am
by Derenge
Since you said it was alright.

Character Name:Camilla(no last name given)
Height (I need this for comparison):5'7"
Physical Description: Athletic build. Dark complexion. Brown eyes and oddly redish/pink hair.
Image of Character (optional):
Personality Description:Somewhat impulsive and short tempered. Wry sense of humor- tends to understate facts. Used to adverse situations.
Weapon(s):Primary weapon is essentially a Chinese broadsword. Also carries a compact 9mm handgun(glock or other). Uses whichever is best for the situation at hand or least likely to get her killed.
Skill(s)*:Skilled martial artist, her focus is on close quarters combat. Competent with firearms should the situation dictate. Acrobatic. Generally very physically able, she's a fast runner and much stronger than most would expect from someone her size.
Other gear: Cell phone. Folding pocket knife. Reactive body suit (provides ballistic protection roughly on the same level as a Kevlar vest from neck to ankles. For instance it could stop small arms fire fairly consistently, but a high powered rifle would penetrate. Like Kevlar it only provides marginal protection vs slashing or piercing weapons. )Clothing can cover this suit entirely should she need to be more covert. Steel toed boots.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 4:37 pm
by 834n
Aces! Thanks Derenge.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 9:24 am
by Fesworks
I just updated my entry with an image:

Feel completely free to update the wardrobe as you see fight, though I prefer a cloak or long coat at last. The bracers are a must. The Polearm weapon can be converted into whatever "long" (pref pole-type) weapon you think would be appropriate.

I would have spent more time on this.... if I had time. But I decided to make a simple profile shot (I hate how I drew his arm though).

Completely pales in comparison to other's artistic skills of course, but hopefully this is good enough and you can work with it...