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PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2001 4:31 am
by GoldWolf
Hey the comic. At any rate. I'm not sure if your a Final Fantasy Fan or not but Ralph...well the guy looks like a Moogle. Just thoguht you should know..I don't know if you've used that yet cause I'm only up to November in the archives. Just htought I'd drop by say hi and see what's up in your forum...kinda slow don't you think? Oh well. I'll see who I can stir up<P>GoldWolf <IMG SRC="">

PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2001 4:36 am
by GoldWolf that I feel completely stupid and have degenerated my personal image below what I had hooped for my first post I think I'll try changinth e topic. I mean yeah I fucked up and I should have read the board first when I first came in I only saw like 2 messages..and I thought that sucked anyway.<P>I'm going ot attempt and save this post and get someone to respond with something...<P>*clears throat*<P>so...any hot chicks out there in the Fan base?<P>I knwo there are some Anime Style Lovin chicks out there. So where you at?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2001 5:47 am
by RichardIWebster
Errrrrr, GoldWolf, <B>Exploitation Now</B> moved to Keen<I>Spot</I> (and took its Forum with it) back in late 2000. <I>That's</I> why there's nobody out here!