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Postby Grimmsoupgod on Thu Jul 20, 2000 12:04 am

For one of the coolest people to ever grace the FPL with their godlike presence. Your strips the shit. You can really work a pen man. I have attempted comics myself but I kinda suck a big donkey [censored by the man]. Anyway, just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job. I plan on doing an overhaul of my site and when I do I will like you if you will do the same, though I am sure I would get more traffic from you than you ever would from me. Good luck and don't forget: A well placed cleavage shot can make or break ya.<P>GrimmSoupGod aka Dick Seargent's Ghost<P>PS. The icon I used makes me feel like the Fonz. "EHH!!!"<P>------------------
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