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Postby Cykeoes on Sat Oct 14, 2000 3:38 am

Well,<P>I few months back probably I signed up for a Keenspace account for my e-comic, Cykeoes, I had some trouble with my AOL account (surprise surprise), and now that I finally have it all straightned out I find that all the mail I had not gotten a chance to open is gone *including my keenspace welcome letter* I sent in a letter to whoever the e-mail on the front page of K'space goes to, but I probably sound like some wierdo making up a story trying to bag someone elses account...that and I am a very impatient person wanting to start posting some strips of my comic o_O<P>Should I just wait and hope I don't sound like a weirdo do you guys think, erm...or should I just sign up for a different account maybe? I'd hate to do that though, be nice to have to account name or your comic, know what I mean?<P>------------------
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