Help me delete this account, please RESOLVED

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Help me delete this account, please RESOLVED

Postby werechild on Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:04 am

I tried PMing STrRedWolf about this, but haven't heard back, so I'm making some noise here.

I'd very much like to delete my ancient comic at, so I can reboot the series and host it on my own site.
I haven't touched it since 2005.
Either I've forgotten the password, or the one I thought was correct no longer works, since I can't log in to SiteAdmin or FTP. So I can't just delete all the comic files myself.
I had the account linked to several different emails in the past, none of which exist anymore (college email - deleted after graduation, old domain email - defunct, hotmail - defunct, etc) so I no longer have the original signup email from Keenspace (it was Keenspace back then...), and any mail sent to whichever address was last linked to the account will vanish into a black hole and never reach me.

This is an unfortunate situation, I realize, when it comes to proving my ownership of the account and comic. If an admin would be willing to work with me, though, I'm sure we could agree on what kind of proof would be acceptable. Example: I still have several of the original drawings in a drawer that I could photograph myself holding with this week's newspaper, or something.

I just want this ugly, old, unfunny, embarrassing thing to disappear so I can clear the slate. Help would be deeply appreciated.

EDIT: Luckily for me, I managed to find my old login information (literally in a box in the attic) and I was able to delete the content myself.

On the outside chance that anyone who sees this cares, I'd like to mention that the support around here is terrible. After a month and a half, I never received any replies from any admin, neither here on the forum nor through PM, despite sending several messages to both Kisai and STrRedWolf. I'm not terribly concerned, since this is probably the last time I'll ever be on this site, but it's an area that could use some improvement, especially when it's a matter of a user (past or present) not being able to access their own intellectual property.

Good luck, all.
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