Storyline Tags in Autogenesis

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Storyline Tags in Autogenesis

Postby Mybrainhurts on Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:24 pm

Hi there! I had a couple questions about the various storyline tags in Autogenesis. First off, for the dropdown displayed on the pages with ***storyline***, before Autogenesis was implemented, it would display the name of the storyline that that particular page was a part of. So for example, if my storyline dropdown looked like this:

Storyline A,/d/20090101.html
Storyline B,/d/20090515.html
Storyline C,/d/20091212.html

And I was currently on page /d/20090403.html, it would have Storyline B be the selected option. But in Autogenesis, it always displays the last storyline on the list, no matter what page you're on. I was wondering if there was any way to get it back to the old functionality, as I liked being able to tell what storyline a particular comic was a part of by looking at the dropdown.

My other question regarding the storyline tags is the status of the ***next/previous_storyline*** tags. The wiki says they're proposed for inclusion, but it's said that for a really long time now, and I was wondering if they were being implemented or planning on being implemented, as I'd really like to have those on my pages as well. Thank you! :)
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