Please remove my comic. Please.

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Please remove my comic. Please.

Postby wdynasty2 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:43 pm

I've tried calling your 888 number (straight to voicemail), I've tried emailing both and, and now I am trying on here in one last, desperate attempt to get my comic removed.

I really appreciate that you guys host free comics, awesome of you to do so, but as some of us (like myself) get older, companies start to look at what pops up when they Google our names and, unfortunately, the comics we created with an adolescent sense of humor don't always portray us in the best light when companies are seeking professionals to add to their teams. I'm sure you can appreciate how rough the job market is at the moment, and how little things like this do make a difference (especially in certain industries renowned for their stuffiness).

I no longer have access to the email that was used for the comic. I'm happy to provide any and all proof of identity you may require for verification.

Site was removed after contacting an admin on AIM. Really appreciate it!
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