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by The Fiend 88
Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:23 am
Forum: Lightbringer
Topic: What do you think of the Comic?
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My biggest problem with this series is that most of your villains seem to want the same thing. While I do agree that Lightbringer himself comes off as a little bland and preachy, I think that the supporting cast (especially osprey) dilute from that fact by sound boarding his weaknesses as a characte...
by The Fiend 88
Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:42 pm
Forum: Lightbringer
Topic: Musical Query
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Musical Query

So...CR and Linkara, if you had to give the characters in Lightbringer theme songs, what would they be?

I always thought Smiling Man's would be this

but then again thats because I love motorhead and assume the most blatantly evil answer. :twisted:
by The Fiend 88
Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:55 pm
Forum: Lightbringer
Topic: Redo the Old Ones?
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Re: Redo the Old Ones?

Personally I think your a little hard on yourself as far as those old ones go. I mean admittedly they are far from perfect but some people couldn't have gotten past the first page. You kept up with fairly consistent artwork and story structure for how many years? :o the mind boggles. Besides it's a ...